Bommer Saros

rask og effektiv drift

An electromechanical barrier with fast and efficient operation, the Saros barrier with its robust interior frame and aesthetic appearance, is well suited for commercial parking lots and entrances to industrial areas.

This traffic control system has proven quality and long life, and works reliably over long periods, which means no limit on the number of operations, making them ideal for busy places.

With standard beam lengths available from 3 to 6 mtr and a catalog of accessories, including;

  • Beamed LED lighting and reflective stickers for increased visibility
  • Fixed beam tip supports, for openings up to 6 mtr
  • Pogo beam-mounted supports, for increased road width coverage, provide coverage of openings up to 12 mtr;

The Saros barrier will cover a number of uses.

A multi-layer protective coating ensures that these barriers are suitable for use in the most demanding external environments.

Fully programmable solid state control combines simplicity, reliability and easy maintenance to enable integration with any existing access control system.

  • Fast and reliable 24V DC electromechanical motor
  • Beam length up to 6 mtr (covers openings up to 12 mtr, when used as a double barrier)
  • Selection of additional safety and operating options
  • Easily integrated with existing access control systems

Experts in perimeter protection

Physical area protection is defined as a system and technique designed to protect people and access within a defined area by preventing unauthorized persons from gaining physical access. The primary defense is the peripheral boundary for which we designed the Heras Security Model. This model fulfills five objectives: To delimit the area of ​​the property, deter, delay and detect unwanted intrusion and to prevent unauthorized access. For more than 70 years, Hera has successfully met and exceeded customers’ safety and security needs across Europe. It is with this experience, combined with the staff’s constant competence development that makes it possible for us to say that we are «Experts in area protection».

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